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Steam Mops and Vacuums

Keeping homes clean is a task that many people take very seriously. To achieve this, people go to different lengths of innovation. Wiping of surfaces and sweeping the floor using brooms is very common in different places the world over. Some type of dirt can successfully be removed using this method but not all types can be removed. Food droppings, papers and other hard matter can easily be cleaned from the floor by sweeping. Dirt that sticks to the floor like oils, paints and others can however not be cleaned by ordinary sweeping. It is therefore wise to use methods that can remove such dirt while leaving the floor intact.

The best way to achieve the removal of dust and sticky hard matter from the floor is by using steam mops and vacuum cleaners. A steam mop is a special cleaner that uses steam to clean surfaces especially floors. A vacuum cleaner on the other hand uses suction power to clean dust from floors. The main difference between the two is therefore in the fact that the steam cleaner uses steam. Suction power is however not the preserve of vacuum cleaners only since steam cleaners also have it.

A reservoir in which water is put is a key component of a steam mop. This water is then heated to very high temperatures that make it to vaporize and form steam. This steam is the ejected through jets to the floor that is being cleaned. It is this steam that then dissolves the oil or any other hard matter before it is sucked into the mop for disposal. A steam mop could have one or more jets for releasing the vapor, depending on the extent of cleaning to be done. It does not leave any residue on the floor after cleaning since the dirt is usually absorbed into the reservoir.

Detergents and other cleaning agents are not necessary when one is using a steam mop. The work of detergents is done by the steam. Disinfection is also done by the steam. The steam from a steam mop can kill 99% of bacteria, a fact that has been confirmed by several market reviews of steam mops. It also kills insects like dust mites that could be on the floor. This is done without causing any harm on the floor itself.

One would identify the best steam mops by how well they leave the floor after cleaning. Durability of the mops also comes in handy. This is because something that uses electric power and hot water systems can be prone to corrosion and other related damages. Case in point is having the reservoir for water being made of stainless steel to promote durability.