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CR123 Batteries: A Guide to Choosing the Right One Going through the different specifications and terms when buying batteries may unnecessarily complicate your shopping experience. Usually, many buyers are confused about the issue of what exactly is so amazing (or not) about CR123 batteries. Here is an explanation of various CR123 battery specifications to help you choose well the best one. Rechargeable Batteries The matter of whether a battery is rechargeable or not can substantially influence your decision to buy it. A CR123 uses a lithium mechanism and is not rechargeable. On the contrary, you can recharge RCR123s because they utilize Li-Ion chemistry.
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If you need to buy a battery with a higher voltage, pick a rechargeable CR123 (RCR123). RCR123 batteries outdo the non-rechargeable types when it comes to the matter of voltage. But, pick the voltage for your CR123 battery depending on the specs of your electronic device. Although some gadgets have circuitry that can take high voltage, others can only handle 3.0 volts. It is essential to be wary of this since excessive voltage is capable of damaging your gadget as well as exposing you to unsafe conditions. A flashlight may certain times produce super bright light when powered by a higher voltage rechargeable cell. On the whole, the difference may not be noticeable since the circuitry of most flashlights is able to counteract the discrepancies with a view to increasing performance efficiency. What’s the Battery’s Capacity? The capacity of a cell represents the highest amount of energy it can store. A cell that has a higher capacity is capable of having an extended run time, provided that the same device under the same conditions is used. If you prefer a battery that has a high capacity, such as 1400 mAh, go for a CR123. The implication here is that CR123 batteries take longer than their rechargeable versions to drain power. The only concern is that batteries that can’t be recharged won’t be re-used. On the other hand, you can recharge an RCR123 thousands of times. Consider Shelf Life One of the strongest qualities of CR123 batteries is their prolonged shelf life. These batteries can be kept in a wide spectrum of conditions, from cold to hot, for up to 10 years and still be ready for use. These cells will preserve their juice all this time, and in the event of an emergency, they’ll be ready for sustained application. Battery Protection A number of concerns may dictate your decision in favor of a rechargeable or non-rechargeable CR123, but no matter your decision, ensure that the battery is protected. Battery protection guards it against overcharging or over discharge. In a nutshell, both CR123 batteries and RCR123s are perfect for running your gadget.