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The Benefits of Artificial Grass There is an alternative to natural grass that is becoming very popular because of its long term beneficial effects to the environment and more and more people are using them, the solution, an artificial grass. Artificial grass have gained the acceptance of the general public because of its realistic looking feature that today they are installed not just in places of recreation but in the gardens and backyard. The benefits of artificial grass can be categorized into three three groups namely: Having more leisure time because of the ease in maintaining your artificial grass is one of the benefits of having it in your home Depending on the size of your garden, having natural grass on your lawn will usually take you up to three hours of mowing during summer. What do you envision doing during your off-duty hours, your time to spend with your family, go on a road trip, visit friends, watch a movie and stroll the mall or because your grass has become taller, you spend it mowing the garden?
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Other reasonable good effects of using artificial grass.
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1. Artificial grass frees up more of your time during summer thus allowing you to be more productive and do something enjoyable precisely because of its low maintenance feature. 2. The elderly people who are physically unable to maintain their garden and relies heavily on friends, relatives and professional gardeners to trim and lawn the grass will benefit with the installation of artificial grass. Maintaining an artificial lawn is relatively easy because of very little maintenance after installation. Other than the benefit for the elderly, holiday home owners have also benefited from the installation of artificial grass because of its low maintenance and need not pay for professional companies to take care in their absence. Artificial grass has environmental benefits. There has been water usage restrictions in the UK like hose pipe bans. Natural lawns are directly affected by this bans. Natural grass cannot survive the intense hot weather especially if unwatered unlike artificial grass. This means that artificial grass installation will help in the conservation of water per household. The environment can benefit from artificial grass in a couple of ways. Fertilizers are not needed. There are less carbon emissions in the world when using artificial grass since lawn mowers using petrol are not used. Dog kennel owners favors the use of artificial grass because they are easy to clean and sterilize. Dirt is carried to the pool from muddy areas around it when natural grass is used unlike artificial grass. The added feature of artificial grass is its ability to maintain it color and texture in whatever weather condition.