How Professionals Overcome Arizona Landscaping Challenges

Landscaping a residential property can be a challenge under the best circumstances. It is much more difficult when a house is located in Arizona, since the area gets so much sun and so little rainfall. For that reason local professionals often use xeriscape principles during Arizona landscape design. They combine low-water plans, hardscaping and multi-purpose features to create easy maintenance, beautiful properties.

Smart Planning Begins With Xeriscape Designs

Xeriscape is a landscape style that requires little maintenance or irrigation. It is a popular option in Arizona, where homes are often built in areas that do not have easy access to fresh water. Designers include features that help minimize evaporation and runoff. Designs also focus on conserving natural resources. While some xeriscaping uses almost no plants, experienced professionals will include greenery and use other colorful elements to add interest and beauty.

Low Water Plants Add Needed Green

Although there is a common idea that low-water landscaping consists primarily of non-living features, professionals often plant native desert plants to increase color and interest. For instance, Arizona properties can include brightly colored trees, shrubs and ground covers. Many flower throughout the year, adding “pops” of color. There are also vines, succulents, perennials and annuals that thrive in low-water areas. Specialists typically combine plantings with natural features to create elegant settings like Zen gardens.

Hardscaping Solves a Range of Problems

Landscaping specialists typically add hardscaping to properties in order to reduce maintenance, preserve water, increase living space and create interest. They may install walkways surrounded by water-absorbing mulch and retaining walls that can control the flow of water. Many plans include patios with outdoor kitchens. Professionals often add elegantly designed steps that increase curb appeal. Natural rocks are also part of low-maintenance landscapes. They can add beauty, help retain water from rainfall and increase the amount of no-maintenance space. Although every design requires some care to remain beautiful and functional, xeriscape plans look beautiful year round with minimal effort.

Arizona residents often rely on landscape experts to create beautiful properties which thrive in the dry climate. Professionals usually accomplish that using xeriscape, or low-water, low-maintenance designs. Experienced landscapers are able to create eye-catching properties that include elements like native plants and hardscaping.