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Guidelines and Tips in Hardwood Floor Installation You need to know the basic tips for hardwood floor installation whether you choose the laminate flooring, hardwood or the engineered flooring. The most desirable type of flooring for any homes is the hardwood flooring.
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Once you decide to have hardwood flooring, make sure that there is a sub-floor placed first on which the hardwood floor is to be placed. There are various reasons why sub-floor exists and that includes allowing the hardwood flooring to be placed on top of hard floors like concrete slabs and also to your pre-existing floors and also to help you protect it against moisture.
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Hardwood floorings are really advisable to use in homes but if upon inspection the area of your home has already a lot of moisture, you must not continue the hardwood and just use other alternatives. If the area doesn’t really have high presence of moisture, you can still proceed with wood floors but make sure that you use the engineered floors instead of solid floors.b Engineered floors can still manage low moisture level and will not be damaged at all. Kitchens and bathrooms are prone to spills and moisture therefore installation of hardwood flooring is not really recommended and even the engineered flooring. If you still plan in putting wood floors to these areas, you must only use those that can tolerate the area from getting wet all the time. Laminate hardwood flooring is the best option for these areas. Though this flooring is not really a typical wooden floor, its appearance and durability will still pay the price. If you really aim for hardwood floor installation, make sure that you really prepared for it. After finishing the putting down of the floor, you must still be details afterwards. You need to begin with sanding down the floor in order to remove the rough spots from the wood filler that will help to smooth the floor as well as cover the nails. Afterwards, you will be possibly staining the floor and of course finish it, too. Though it may be very tedious, this will allow the floor to be unused for a period of time. You need to secure that area first that no one or nothing will mess it not until the area is dried thoroughly. Despite the fact that you can do the hardwood floor installation on your own, it is still a best option to have a professional installer do the task for you. A professional installer will give you a very good output as well as a warranty for their work and it case your floor got damaged but still in its warranty period, you don’t need to worry about the expenses.