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The Best Insect Control You Can Use at Home Pest can ruin your day when you have invited friends to your home, or you are having a meeting with stakeholders then they are faced with bugs either on their seats or others crawling on the cracked walls. Such an incident may lead to losing of good friends, and lack of trust from the stakeholders on they may just conclude either you do not maintain your cleanliness standards, or you lack proper health norms. Therefore, the best ways to avoid such kind of embarrassment one should consider investing in best pest control practices that may include using of pesticides or natural methods of pest remedies. Lets say you’re having meal then a housefly lands on it, such experiences makes you lose your appetite and end up throwing the food on a trashcan, unfortunately, some of the food may spill outside the open trash can. Most of the Houseflies feed on waste and leftovers and if your trashcan is not covered well during the week the food spill and the smelling trash can lead to houseflies invasion in your house, so it is recommended you clean your trash can after every emptying and sprinkle borax to make it inhabitable for the flies.
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It is so unfortunate that the other pest that is a nuisance known as the silverfish which can be found most in places which are moist or environments that are humid so if you can trace them in your home there is a high likely that your home has a moisture problem. The other alternative of dealing with such pest is by ensuring you have fixed all the leaks especially those around pipes and taps, increase the ventilation in your house and seal all the gaps in your house walls. This type of pest has a tendency of laying multiple eggs everywhere so ensure you regularly vacuum areas that may be infested primarily on furniture and the floor. The tiny ants are also another kind of pest that are mostly found where there is the sweet substance like sugar or cakes so instead of using pesticides which contain a toxic substance that can harm you, sprinkle the natural pesticide which consists of crushed mint cinnamon and cloves in areas where the ants are spotted. Apart from that ensure you clean the entire floor and the counters especially the kitchen one, you could use a solution that consists of half water and half white vinegar to remove the trails, which they leave for their fellow ants to track. Even though you may want to use the DEET pesticides due to their advertised advantages on billboards and TVs be careful of your health.