4 Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Patio

18/09/2017 0 Comment

Choosing the right patio for your home is not always as easy as it may seem. With the popularity of apartments, two-story townhouses and units we have seen the great Australian backyard become almost extinct. There’s also odd shaped blocks which are built to increase more properties into one particular area, and the size of the homes are almost the same size as the entire block. So, you can start to see the obstacles that you may need to overcome to have your ideal patio.


Here are four things you should consideration before you buy a patio for your outdoor area:


  1. The size of the new patio


Consideration needs to be given to the area you want to have covered by your new patio. Take into account outdoor furniture, bbq, garden beds etc… It is very common to find that once the new patio has been built that the new outdoor furniture you had purchased is much larger than you first thought and filled the patio area more than you wanted, leaving you with little room for anything else.


You will also need to think about some of the possible setbacks you could face if you are looking at building next to the fence line. If you only have a courtyard or smallish area, you may be limited already as to the size of the patio you can have, and this leads us to the next consideration.


  1. Design of your new patio


Selecting the patio design is one of the most important things to consider when building a patio for your home, not only for the overall look but how it will flow with the rest of your home. The design of the patio can help add height, privacy from neighbours and while keeping it simple often provides the cleanest looking patio. It’s not always possible though, and that’s when companies like Sunscreen Patios & Pergolas builders from Sydney come in to help you look at design options for your new patio.


  1. Light and shade


Perhaps your home is located in an area where you have no morning sunlight yet you have the full afternoon sun and the heat associated with it. Patio builders often hear a common theme – we want to keep the winter light coming into the house, but we also want the shade to keep out the summer heat. As mentioned above the design of your new patio can help with maintaining the light, shade or the design may help increase the light or shade.


  1. Patio roof options


In recent years an advancement has been seen in roofing options for new patios. No longer just fibreglass skylights, colorbond roof sheets or shade cloth are being used for roofing options. There has also been an introduction of insulated roof panels like Solarspan.


Solarspan provides the ultimate heat protection in the summer months, yet it also keep’s the warmth inside in the winter when used together with blinds making the patio a room you can use throughout the entire year.