Artificial coating (laminated flooring)

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Floor Panel – Coating For Floor Panel made of wood this one seems to be a lot of family choice today. Laminate flooring, wood floor panel coatings that tend to be cheaper compared to hardwood hard wood floors. It character thinner and can be installed subgrade. Because it is printed material, the motif is uniform and intact. This floor panel coating is easy to install, scratch resistant, but difficult to repair. Usually made of durable materials such as vinyl, MDF / HDF, particle board, some are made of original wooden layers. This material makes the floor is not easy to absorb water because there are layers below and above. For a limited budget, laminate flooring with prices starting at $20 / m2 can last up to 10 years. For more information you can visit Wooden Flooring.

Solid Wood (hardwood)

For those who give originality and premium feeling, please choose lantern flooring coating, hardwood is divided into two types, Solid and Engineered. Thickness up to ½ inch. Although thick, this wooden layer creates a natural attractive impression when step on. Common variants include oak, maple, pine, beech, walnut, cherry, and ash. Wooden or parquet floors can be cleaned with sandpaper and easy to repair. The end result is much better than laminate flooring because hardwood is polyurethaned. Hardwood also has a unique character because each sheet has a different vein of wood that gives a natural impression. But this type of wood floor is sensitive to moisture.

The right application.


Floor panel coatings are wood, both laminate and hardwood, including natural materials that can not stand moist (wet). For that wood floor panel coating should be applied on the second floor, the room is not adjacent to the bathroom, kitchen or other wet areas.