Box Sash Window Design

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Box sash windows are a beautiful addition to properties of any age, and the large opening pane also means that they offer access to fresh air and natural light. Replacing windows in a period property, or attempting to match the style of window to other period features, means that you need to be careful that you select the correct window configuration, but this doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice the quality or efficiency of the frames, the glazing, or the mechanical fittings and other features of the windows that you install.

Timber Frames

Whether you are attempting to recreate a period property design or not, timber frames are arguably the better choice when compared to PVC. PVC windows cannot be as easily repaired, or painted, and this means that while the frames might last for 20 or 30 years, they can begin to look tired after a few difficult winters and sunny summers. Timber frames can be repaired, sections can be replaced, and you can refresh the paint every year if you wish. Timber frames also have a lifetime approximately twice that of PVC so you can enjoy great looking frames for longer.

Sliding Panes

The typical design of a sash window consists of two main panes; one top of another. The bottom pane usually slides upwards to allow air and light in, but some designs may allow for the top pane to slide down. If you are concerned about safety, then a top sliding pane is likely to be safer, but you can also buy locks and other fittings and fixtures that help increase security. For large windows, it is possible to have multiple sliding sections, but these will cost more and there are more working parts that can become damaged or worn out.

Lights And Pane Configuration

A single pane normally consists of a number of smaller panes, called lights. Although there are different configurations of panes and lights, you will usually find that the configuration you choose is dependent on the property period that you are attempting to recreate. A two over two design is considered predominantly Victorian, while a six over six design is more Georgian. There is no hard rule on this, but you can consult with your sash window installers and they will be able to help you determine the best layout option for your design requirements.

Modern Glazing

One area where modern sash windows have improved over traditional windows is in the quality of glazing that is used. Double and even triple glazed windows are far more efficient than single glazed, and they are also stronger and less fragile. This means that you do not need to be restricted in design by the fact that the glazing needs additional support.

Modern Materials

The glazing isn’t the only material that has seen considerable improvements over the past few centuries either. The timber itself, the metal and materials that are used in the construction of pulleys and hinges, and the materials used in the installation have all been updated and upgraded. As such, modern timber sash windows can enjoy a life of 60 years or more without the need to make regular repairs or to frequently replace your windows.

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