Decorating a Large Space in Your Home

22/09/2017 0 Comment

Many people love having large spaces in their homes. Large spaces allow people to stretch out and relax. A large space is also ideal for holding parties and other gatherings. However, such spaces must be carefully decorated. All areas of the space need intelligent planning in order to get the best use of the entire area. Any homeowner also needs to think about their goals for the space. This may include cozy evenings by the fire as well as fun family meetings during holidays like Thanksgiving. It also may include fun times with small children playing board games and helping them with their homework. All areas of the room can serve both different functions and act as a whole. It is a good idea to examine how best to achieve this aim.

Furniture Choices

Furniture must be carefully placed in any large room. This is a good place to use statement pieces such as large wood bookcases, a grand piano and an elegant desk. Each piece should have a function such as allowing the occupant to take a nap or have a cozy chat with others. Seating is particularly crucial in a large space. Good seating choices help make smaller rooms within the room. For example, a love seat placed next to an ottoman and a wing chair can be used for comfortable after dinner conversation or a late-night talk. A large sectional allows enough space for everyone in to sit at the same time so no one has scramble for seating.

Lighting Ideas

Another important consideration when decorating a larger space is the use of lighting. Window coverings like shutters can be an ideal resource that allows the homeowner to block off larger windows when the sun is high in the sky. Each corner of the room should be lit well. A series of deck lamps or floor lamps can be of use in each part of the room to make sure the area has some lighting. Consider switching out the lighting as the seasons change. For example, soft chains of light can be placed across the windows during the winter months to create a welcome, festive holiday glow then taken down during the light filled summer months.

A Place For Everything

A larger room, like other rooms in the house, should function well all year long. Any homeowner needs to think about the home before they start to decorate it. Items should be carefully placed in order to keep them in good shape as well. For example, lots of light can fade delicate fabrics. Keeping light out of certain areas of the room can help such items last longer and still look good. A well-planned room should have flow that allows people to get in and out easily. Keep furniture away from the walls to allow for better traffic flow. A well decorated larger room with inviting light, thoughtful details and well-placed furniture can serve as the hearth of any home.