Different Components of Cars Which Work Alongside the PCM to Run Your Car Efficiently

14/04/2017 0 Comment

If you look at the way the present day cars work, you will find that there are different computer control modules that work together to run them efficiently. One of the first components you will find is the fuel control module. This little computer is there to make sure that the right amount of fuel is pumped to each of the cylinders. As the modern cars have no carburetors, fuel has to be injected to different cylinders at different levels. It is this component that does it.


The inner feedback loop is the one that provides the correct mixture of air and fuel to the cylinder. It is a component of the fuel control module. Different cylinders will be served with mixtures with different compositions. In order to provide the right mixture, the outer feedback loop will provide the information on how mush oxygen is there in the exhaust by sensing the oxygen levels of the exhaust with a sensor placed in the exhaust manifold.

It is the gas tank assembly that sends the right amount of fuel to the engine. It has a few components such as the fuel filter that prevent the sludge and debris from reaching the engine, the sensor to find the volume of fuel in the tank and a sensor that measures the temperature of the fuel in the tank. This unit is very important for the engine to run smoothly. deschloroketamine Though it is the engine control module that looks after the engine, it is the gas tank module that supplies the fuel it needs.


Plug control module is yet another component in your car that contributes to its smooth operation. In place of the distributor and the coil, you will find in old cars, the new cars have two coils for each of the spark plugs. These coils provide the necessary voltage to each of the plugs to create the sparks. When necessary these coils are able to change the timing of the spark as required by the engine.


Powertrain module works in unison with all these other components to provide the best out of your car. All these components need to be in perfect order to provide the best performance. In case there is any malfunctioning with any of the modules, you need to replace it. When you take your car to the mechanic, he is able to scan your car and pinpoint where the problem lies. Any of these modules could be bought in online stores for reasonable prices.