Glass extensions

22/05/2017 0 Comment

A glass extension can make a fantastic addition to every type of home and garden, no matter the size or location. Glass extensions are an excellent way to make use of a patio and allow you to enjoy your garden all year round. Much like a conservatory, a glass extension maximum levels of natural light helping to make the new space a light, bright and airy one.

When people think of glass extensions the first thought that comes to mind is how to keep the glass clean? After all, it is a room that is completely made of glass, walls and ceiling are as transparent as can be. Most glass extensions feature glass that is self-cleaning, helping keep maintenance to low levels and enabling you to make the most of the space without worrying about bringing out the squeegee and bucket. The fact that a glass room provides so much natural light makes space a very versatile one indeed.

For many people, a glass extension provides to perfect conditions for creating a tropical garden that can surround a dining table helping create the illusion of alfresco dining in the tropics. Glass rooms are ideal for growing plants such as Banana, papaya and even lemons and limes which are almost impossible to keep alive in the cooler British climate. Glass extensions feature bi-folding doors which allow you to literally throw open the doors to expose a whole wall to the outdoors elements. When the doors are open you merge both in and out seamlessly together and can enjoy your garden come rain or shine.

An added benefit of the increased levels of sunlight penetrating the glass room is that it provides its own microclimate and there can be as much as 15 degrees difference between indoors and out. This added heat can be the perfect way to reduce energy bills as you do not need to use conventional heating to warm the room as often. A glass extension makes for a perfect veranda and is a brilliant way to entertain family and friends all through the year. While a glass extension can involve some upfront expense, it pays for itself as it adds as much as 10 percent in value to the home and creates more space than you had previously.

A glass extension can be tailor made to fit the scheme of your home and can provide every type of building with a modern and beautiful twist that will become a true focal point of the home. It can be easy to have one installed on your property and the process is a quick and painless one. The options are endless for the design and style and your imagination is the limit. Doors can be bi-folding, french, sliding or fold-slide and the glass can be framed or frameless and self-cleaning or filled with argon gas. No matter the design, you are sure to get a room that you will cherish for years to come that is both fashionable and functional.