How to Replace Fascias And Soffits?

27/03/2017 0 Comment

Suitably placed soffits protect your home from the damage happen due to the exposure to the certain elements and collection of rainwater to the gutter and its disposes through the drainage hole which is supported by fascias.

When you want all these jobs to get done for your home, you need to read some of the tips regarding this work so that you can easily get a good place done to the roof of your home. Economically and quality wise it must be suitable for you. When replacing the fascia and soffits, it is advised to not use a ladder. Scaffoldings should be  perfectly raised to execute this work.


While you are replacing fascia and soffits for your house, it is important to select color, style and size of soffits and fascias for the best exterior of your home. Unsuitable sized soffits and fascias and can disgrace the outer look of your home. You can get good workers easily for the Roofing in South Wales.

Removing Procedure of Fascia boards.

The first step is to remove tiles from your house roof. Workers use a knife to cut the roof left to a few inches and discard the guttering. Before checking the rafters for rot, they remove fascia and soffits for the crowbar. They replace and cut out the unwanted area.

Fixing of Soffits

The workers fix the soffit boards to the inner side of the timber rafter ends with the help of nails. Close gap between the soffits and rafters is detected with timer packers. Back of soffit board is resting on the top of the fence and nipped down so that can be prevented from rising by the strong wind.

Fascias  Fixing

For the fixing of fascia, boards are get fixed to the timber with nails. The nails should be placed on the boards securely for preventing them from any kind of collapse. The boards should be strong enough to support the tiles of roof, guttering, snow and the rainwater flow. The  worker must ensure that fascia boards do not hinder the opening and closing of windows, if so then they must adjust the boards.

Vents and Gutter  Support Brackets Fitting

Fit a soffit vent strip toward the top edge of the fascia board to prevent the expansion of  loft condensation. The strip is secured with nails. Now it’s time to screw the support brackets to the fascia. A strip level is used to check either the gutter will fall correctly or not.

After the gutter fitting is placed, it’s time to make sure that all the joints are properly screwed up to the fascia. Workers can have a water test to check the leakage. If needed, then install a new pipe and gutter leaf guards. After all this gutter board cleaning  is done and a silicon based sealant is applied to the external walls and frames to prevent the damage by insects. This process should be done by the experienced workers so, hire an experienced firm for Roofing in South Wales.