Powerful Natural Ways To Exterminate ants to nest, surrounded Food No Longer Threat

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Ants are the most common insect in the house. Although its presence is sometimes useful, such as cleaning up crumbs spilled food on the floor or repel termites, ants many irritating. The delegation ants out of nowhere emergence love coming suddenly. Especially if there is a sweet tooth, do not need a long time the ants were immediately swarmed the source of sweetness.
You may be tempted to use chemicals containing pesticides to kill ants instantly. However, the pesticide itself is harmful to humans and the environment. Well, this time will share the tricks Tips easy to eradicate swarms of ants to the nest, which is of course without any harmful chemicals. If you get bored with insects you can see on this guaranteed anti-insect Let’s consider the following explanation …

soap and water solution is capable of breaking down the waxy coating on the exoskeleton of ants that would make him dehydrated and die slowly
Mix water and soap or detergent to taste, put in a spray bottle for easy use. Spray the liquid directly into the hordes of ants, ants or the entrance to the hive.

In addition to giving a fresh smell in the house, freshly squeezed lemon juice is also a potent ward off ants do not like the acid citrate
Combine juice of lemon juice with water.


insert it into the bottle spraydan multifunctional use as a spray solution that can be applied in every corner of the room.
Salt or pepper can also repel ants annoying rogue comfortability at home. Just try it!
Quite spread salt or pepper on the corner of the room and anthill. Alternatively, dissolve the salt or pepper with hot water and then spray the area with a lot visited by ants.
You know not? Baby powder is very effective in stopping the attacks of ants, ants hate the smell of powder and material that are starchy
Sprinkle baby powder wherever you see ants and nests. All types of starchy foods will make it out of the way and get away. Moreover, which has a distinctive smell like powder, for example.
Who would have thought, the ants do not like coffee powder and intense flavor, which will interfere with the sense of sight ants
Sprinkle coffee grounds in places that are often bypassed and the ants in the nest, the ants will not interested in approaching these places. Coffee grounds sprinkled in the garden also will make the ants away from the plant.

In addition to the strong aroma that interfere with vision ants, vinegar have a high acidity, the ants will hurt when his body exposed to this fluid
Mix vinegar with water, and then fill in a spray bottle, spray on all the entry of ants. After the vinegar dries, repeat this process for several days. This will prevent the ants back into the house.

The next fact is the ants do not like cucumbers, you can use these materials to drive her to stay away from home
Place cucumber slices in areas with many impassable ants. Then shove it could also be placed in the path of ants are often used passing.