Simple Ways to Keep Fleas and Tick Out of Your Home and Off Your Pet

23/05/2017 0 Comment

If you own a pet, you probably worry about ticks and fleas. Both are dangerous to your cat and dog, and they’re also dangerous to the people who live in your home. Irritating and unwelcome, it’s difficult to grasp the concept this is a problem. You want to find the most effective way to treat your lawn and your home, and you want to keep all members of your family safe no matter how many legs they have. If you’re looking for a way to handle tick and flea control at home, there are some tips that make it much easier.

Regular Baths

Fleas don’t love to spend time on wet pets. In fact, they can’t do it well. They aren’t pests that are able to hold onto the animal, so it’s easy to wash them away with a bath. A weekly bath should help keep your pet free of fleas that might decide it’s time to make themselves at home. Just remember bathing dogs and cats too frequently can rob their skin of the natural oils they produce to remain healthy.

Citrus Helps

Keep in mind that citrus oils are very dangerous for animals, but they can help ward off ticks and fleas at home. This is a solution best used in areas that will not affect your pet, such as the edges of your property around your fence and other locations of this nature. By using this around the house, your animals will likely find your yard is tick and flea free since they are known to be repelled by citrus.

Keep the Lawn Cut

Ticks love tall grass, and they love areas in your lawn where they can hide and find themselves right at home. Your dog and/or cat should not spend much time in areas like this, especially if the areas are wooded. The warm weather makes ticks want to jump on anything even warmer, which they sense via body heat. Now is the time to keep the wooded areas clear of anything that allows ticks to hide, and it’s a good idea to keep the lawn short and sweet so there’s nowhere for them to hide.

Fleas and ticks are dangerous, which is why you should speak to your vet if your dog or cat has them regularly. Even if it doesn’t, it’s a good idea to use preventative methods to keep fleas and ticks at bay. The warm weather makes them want to come out and play, but you certainly don’t want your pet to become their plaything. Now is the time to speak to your vet and your pest control company about options you have if you need them at home.