Tips for the Ultimate Kitchen Facelift

27/02/2017 0 Comment

For many homes, the kitchen can be one of the most important and used rooms. Many years ago, the kitchen was only ever used for meal preparations and cooking, whereas today we see the kitchen having many varied uses, from dining, socialising and even winding down in front of a TV. With the kitchen being used in a variety of different ways, it’s now more beneficial to ensure your kitchens décor is up to date, on trend and welcoming. Here is a selection of tips on how you can give your kitchen the ultimate facelift, without spending too much time and money.

New Lighting Fixtures

By updating the current lighting in your kitchen, you can actually change the dynamic instantly and create a fresh new feel. The lighting is one of the simplest features to change and is also really cost-effective too. There are so many different styles of lighting fixtures to choose from, which ensures you’ll find the perfect style for your kitchen. One of the most popular lighting styles for the kitchen is spotlighting. Spot lights are ideal for getting a good lighting balance in your kitchen which is essential. If you’re wanting to add to the spot lights and create more of a focal point, then opting for a bold, sparkly chandelier will add a luxurious touch to the kitchen.

Refresh the Cabinets

When you spend a large amount of money on a kitchen layout, it’s painful to think you might need to replace it all again one day. After a few years of use, your kitchen cabinets can often begin to look tired and worn, which can have an impact on the rest of the kitchen. Luckily, there are a couple of options for replacing or repainting your kitchen cabinet doors, meaning you won’t have to replace the whole kitchen suite. Giving your kitchen cupboard doors a fresh lick of paint will instantly refresh the whole are and add a new burst of character. If painting isn’t an option, you can look at re-varnishing and polishing your cabinets, as this will have a similar effect and create a fresh look. With your cabinets taking up such a larger area of your kitchen, it’s always beneficial to focus on updating them for a bolder impact.

Shiny New Hardware

Once your kitchen cabinets have been updated and given a fresh new look, why not finish them off in the perfect way with some stylish new hardware. New knobs or handles can transform your kitchen cabinets, as they’re like the perfect piece of jewellery to finish off an outfit. With many different hardware styles, choose a style that suits the rest of your kitchens décor. If you currently have silver door handles and appliances, you may find that silver hardware will look best on your cabinets and so on.

Updated Faucets

From the kitchen to the bathroom, the faucets are the most used item in the home which results in them becoming worn and tired sooner than everything else. Updating your faucets is a great way of reviving your sink area and adding more character to that area of the kitchen. Replacing your faucets also enables you to choose new styles that haven’t used beforehand, as well as keeping up with seasonal trends. You can also create a stylish focal point by introducing bold, unique faucets to your kitchen sink areas, as this will add character to the area and finish the décor off perfectly.