Uniquely Chevron Motives to Decorate Houses

06/05/2017 0 Comment

Like color, motif has a function. It can be a focal point or background. Can also change the dimensional appearance of a space. Patterned wall coatings can soften the corners. You can also disguise the strange shape of a space or cover an uneven wall.

However, careful in choosing a motive. Yes, motives can affect the atmosphere of space. Motives with large and firm patterns, like deep and solid colors, fit into a focal point in the spacious living room. But instead, the pattern is small and soft, fitting as a backdrop because it is less prominent.

Various motifs of design offered to be applied in the home decor. One of them chevron or zigzag motif, which is a form of repetitive but unique impression if applied in the design of the room. You want to see more best floor I recommended you to see Wood Flooring London.


A room that appears innocently not accompanied by the form of decoration of course will seem more boring. That’s why nowadays a lot of people are starting to decorate the space they have with some form of design is quite interesting. As well as one form of design that is currently much favored by people. The design is known as the zig-zag chevron motif.

Usually people prefer to use flower motifs, geometric, or even line motifs, as well as on line motifs that are also quite widely used with regard to the level of ease of using them. On the horizontal line motifs can usually serve as a widening of the room, while on the vertical line he actually makes the room look much higher than usual.


Meanwhile, the zig-zag motif is currently the trend is part of the motive line that is old enough, it is related to the motive that actually existed since the 60’s that was originally used in the world of fashion. But for now the motive is widely used again, and even for the interior design of a room did not want to miss to use this one design.